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Surety Bonds

We offer surety bonds through a variety of companies with strong histories of financial stability and service. With surety bonds, you can be prepared for the unexpected with a variety of commercial and contract bonds.

What are surety bonds?

A surety bond is a three-party agreement whereby the bond guarantees to the client that the principal (the contractor) is capable of performing the contract in accordance with the contract documents. Performance of the contract, which is the subject of the bond, determines the rights and obligations of the surety and the obligee. 

Here are the eight different families of surety bonds we offer:

  1. Fidelity Bonds
  2. Public Official Bonds
  3. Judicial Bonds
  4. Fiduciary Bonds
  5. License and Permit Bonds
  6. Contract Bonds (Bid and Performance Bonds)
  7. Miscellaneous and Federal Bonds
  8. Notary Bonds

Popular Bonds

At Saleme Insurance, we offer a wide variety of bonds; here's a deeper look into some of the more popular bonds we offer.

Contract Bonds

Contract bonds help protect the client from a financial loss in case the contractor is unable to fulfill the terms and agreement contained in the contract. Several types of contract bonds we offer include:

  • Bid or proposal bonds
  • Maintenance bonds
  • Payment bonds
  • Performance bonds
  • Supply bonds

In addition, through Erie Insurance, we offer a quick bond approval program for contractors in need of a bond under $500,000.

License and Permit Bonds

A license or permit bond helps ensure that a business complies with the appropriate license and permit agreement required by state law, municipal ordinances, or by other regulatory bodies. Several types of license and permit bonds we offer include:

  • Auctioneer bonds
  • Electrician bonds
  • Fuel dealer bonds
  • Gasoline tax bonds
  • Home improvement bonds
  • Liquor and/or beer bonds
  • Motor vehicle dealers bonds
  • Plumbers bonds
  • Real estate broker bonds 

Court Bonds

At Saleme Insurance, we offer both judiciary and fiduciary bonds. Judicial bonds may be required by either the defendant or the plaintiff in connection with litigation. Several types of court bonds we offer include:

  • Attachment-plaintiff bonds
  • Costs-plaintiff bonds
  • Indemnity to sheriff bond
  • Injunction-plaintiff bond
  • Liquidator bond

A fiduciary bond guarantees that a person appointed by the courts to handle the affairs of another will be faithful in their duties. These bonds include:

  • Administrator bonds
  • Guardian bonds
  • Trustee bonds

Are you in need of a surety bond? 

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