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General Liability Insurance

General liability insurance is a standard type of insurance that most businesses purchase because it protects against a broad range of claims. General liability policies are typically tailored to provide your business with coverage for risks unique to your industry. Whether you're a contractor or a professional services firm, we can help you customize a general liability policy that's right for you.

What is general liability insurance?

General liability insurance, also referred to as business liability insurance, is coverage that protects you and your business from a variety of claims, including bodily injury, damage to property, or personal injury. If someone is injured at your place of business, the associated medical costs may be covered. If you were found responsible for damaging someone else's property while working, a general liability policy could pay to repair or replace the damaged item. If you or an employee were found responsible for damaging someone's reputation, the associated costs could be covered.

Who needs general liability insurance?

As a business owner, if you injure someone or damage another person's property while on the job, you wouldn't be covered by your homeowners or personal catastrophe policy. General liability is specifically made to protect you and your business from business-related liabilities. 

You should consider general liability insurance if you or your employees:

Meet with clients

If you visit a client's place of work, or the client visits your place of work, there is always the risk of personal injury or accidental property damage.

Have access to customer's property

General liability could cover repair or replacement costs if you damage a client's property at your location or job site.

Advertise your company

If you violate copyright or trademark rights through the promotion of your business, general liability could cover you if a claim occurs.

Require coverage to be considered for a project

In some instances, a client could require that you have general liability insurance before they will consider you for a project.

What does general liability insurance cover?

Bodily Injury

Even with precautions in place, accidents and injuries can still happen. If your client gets injured and you're legally liable, a general liability policy can cover claims related to bodily injury.

Property Damage

Damage to someone else's property, whether caused by you or an employee, can create major, unexpected expenses. With a general liability policy, claims stemming from damage to personal or business property may be covered.

Medical Expenses

If an accident occurs and someone other than your employee is injured, you could be liable for the associated medical costs. A general liability policy may cover these medical expenses up to a certain limit.

Personal Injury

If claims of libel or slander are made against you or an employee, you could be sued for damages, whether or not the act was committed. General liability insurance may help cover legal fees and settlements or judgements.

What doesn't general liability insurance cover?

For a comprehensive list of policy exclusions, please refer to your policy, or contact your agent for assistance.


Claims arising from the ownership or use of an automobile or boat are not covered. Please visit out Commercial Auto page for vehicle coverage.

Your Property

General liability insurance does not cover damage to property that you own or property in your care.

Professional Services

General liability insurance does not cover claims regarding any professional services you provide. Please visit our Professional Liability page for more information.

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