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Snowmobile Insurance

Since people use their snowmobiles in so many different ways, it can be very challenging to find good, low cost insurance. From a classic Ski-Doo to the latest Yamaha Apex model, from touring sleds to back country machines, every snowmobile and every rider has a different insurance need. Find the protection that's right for you.

Why snowmobile insurance is important

There's nothing quite like speeding through the crisp air, riding clouds of fresh powder on your sled. But, accidents can happen, especially when visibility is poor. Whether you're in an accident with another vehicle, fall through the ice, or damage your sled in a collision with an object, it's important to keep you and your sled protected. And in certain states, snowmobile insurance may be mandatory.

Snowmobile Insurance Coverages

With snowmobile insurance from Lake Insurance, you'll receive premium coverage for you and your sled.


Most snowmobile insurance policies offer bodily injury and property damage liability in case you cause an injury or damage another's property while riding your snowmobile.

Uninsured and underinsured motorists

Similar to your auto policy, uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage protects you in case you're injured by another rider without insurance, or not enough of it.

Comprehensive and collision

Comprehensive coverage pays to repair or replace your snowmobile in the event it is vandalized or stolen. It also covers your sled from other non-collision related accidents, such as fire damage, hitting an animal, or damage from weather. Collision covers you sled if it's damaged in an accident with another vehicle or object.

Medical payments

In the event you, your passenger, or anyone else involved in a snowmobile accident is injured, a snowmobile policy may pay for hospital bills.

Accessories and equipment

For any enhancements or upgrades you've made to your snowmobile that were not part of the factory build, you may be able to receive coverage to repair or replace them if they get damaged.

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