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Life Insurance Riders

What is a life insurance rider?

Life insurance riders are add-ons that provide your life insurance policy with flexibility, usually at an additional cost. Using riders, you can custom-tailor your life insurance policy to meet your's and your family's needs. We offer a variety of life insurance riders; take a look at them below and feel free to reach out to our life insurance specialist, Liz Albert, at (814) 238-8895 with any questions.

Children's Term Insurance Rider

The Children's Term Insurance Rider is an option that allows you to include limited amounts of term insurance coverage on your children in your term insurance policy. If you'd like more coverage for your children, you can take out a separate life insurance policy in their name.

Waiver of Premium Rider

Waiver of Premium provides a disability benefit by waiving the premium required to keep your term, whole, or universal life policy in good standing, should you become disabled and unable to work during the term of the policy. If you do become disabled, you'd no longer be required to pay your life premiums to keep you policy.

Accelerated Death Benefit Rider

The Accelerated Death Benefit Rider is automatically added with eligible life insurance policies, meaning it is added at no additional cost. It enables a terminally ill policyholder to get a lump sum of cash from their life insurance policy to help cover medical or other expenses during their final days.

Long-Term Care Accelerated Death Benefit Rider

This rider is especially useful to add to a permanent life insurance policy given the rising costs of long-term care. It makes money available from your whole or universal life plan to pay for the personal care you need through an advance in your life insurance death benefit. To read more about out Long-Term Care Rider Insurance, click here.

Purchase Option Rider for Accelerate Benefit Long-Term Care

If you're not quite ready to purchase long-term care coverage, this rider enables you to add long-term care coverage to your eligible life policy later with no additional underwriting when you convert to a permanent plan.

Guaranteed Insurability Option Rider*

This rider makes it possible for you to purchase additional life insurance in the future, even if circumstances, such as changes in your health, make you "uninsurable."

*Guaranteed Insurability Option Rider is subject to underwriting and is not available on all plans. Issue ages 0-40.